четвъртък, 7 октомври 2010 г.

The first-in-its- kind concert against racism and discrimination in Bulgaria!

The show, “ALARM against Racism and Discrimination,” will take place on October 9th, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event is organized by Bulgarian Public Radio and the Sofia Municipality. Volunteers from the civic initiative “People Against Racism” will provide
organizational support for the event as well (http://stopnazi-bg.blogspot.com).

The idea behind the concert was inspired by the Rock Against Racism events that took place in the 1970s in England. “ALARM against Racism and Discrimination” is a response to the growing neo-Nazi sentiments in Bulgaria. The deeds of violence directed towards the Roma community, LGBT community, immigrants, and other vulnerable groups in our society are escalating at a tremendous speed. We feel strongly that these phenomena cannot be left unanswered. And just like that, students, artists, intellectuals, social activists, environmentalist, and citizens from all walks of life will gather and say, “We will not be silent!”

Unfortunately, the discrimination around us is taking unprecedented dimensions. Racism escaped its marginalized position and is now present in the public sphere as a normalized discourse. We hope that through this concert we can spread awareness about the dangers of racism and xenophobia and to promote ideas of equality.

The performers that have already confirmed their participation are: The bands Nasekomix (Bulgaria), AC and Ksetophon (Bulgaria), Recycle Bin (Romania), Small Tragedies(Bulgaria), Sarmata Harry and Koptormix (Bulgaria), Glas Naroden (Bulgaria); the actresses Vyara Kolarova, together with George Donchev and Ani Petrova; Ida Daniel (dramaturge, producer, actor, and a writer); Todor Stoyanov (musician); George Gospodinov (actor). The concert is endorsed by Maya Novoselska, Joseph Sarchadjiev, and many others.

To all of them we would like to express our gratitude. All of the artists are going to perform without financial compensation, which greatly impacts our cause through the act of their generous contributions.

“ALARM against Racism and Discrimination” will take place on October 9th in Sofia, Bulgaria. We kindly ask you to endorse “ALARM against Racism and Discrimination” by posting information about it on your Facebook page, twitter, and write a short message of support to weareagainstnazism@gmail.com.
Thank you for your support,
People Against Racism, Sofia, Bulgaria

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